State Auditor Evaluation of Dayton Financial Health

Financial Health Indicators - Selected

Investors indicate that a reason they invest in Dayton is the confidence they have in the Dayton City Commission and our ability to collaborate on mutually beneficial initiatives. Solid budget management is a magnet that will always attract investment in the City. This is why I initiated the monthly finance review committee back in 2002. 

Based upon my leadership with financial management and decisions made by the City Commission, Dayton has become one of the financially strongest cities in Ohio as evidenced by the State Auditor’s review.

Initiatives that I helped create, like Hire Dayton and Accelerate Dayton, have already connected hundreds of Dayton residents to job opportunities and stimulated the growth of small business in neighborhoods.  Additionally, drawing large employers to the area requires strong relationships and regional cooperation across many jurisdictions.

A strong Dayton requires balanced focus on all aspects of city management because they are interdependent. You cannot focus on one to the exclusion of the others or all areas suffer.