Joey's Record of Service To You

Below are accomplishments that have been initiated, led, approved, and/or collaborated on with City Officials during Joey's terms of service. Joey is dedicated to making Dayton an amazing city and is proud to call Dayton home! Please review Joey's accomplishments below.

Term 4 (2014 - Current)

1. All-American City – In 2017, for only the third time in the City’s history, Dayton was named an All-American City. It was only one of fifteen cities to receive this prestigious honor this in 2017.

2. Youth Programming – In 2016, almost 57,000 youth participated in Recreation and Youth Services.

3. Contracts to MBE Companies – In 2016, the City awarded 20% of construction contracts to MBE firms (a 6 point increase).

4. Pre-School Promise – The City’s guarantee of support to Dayton’s children to ensure that they all will have access to quality pre-school education.

5. Clean Water – In 2016, Dayton water achieved 100% compliance with federal and state regulations.

6. Urban Agriculture Initiative – In 2016, the City supported 33 urban farms and community gardens through the Urban Agriculture Initiative.

7. Continued Strong Financial Performance – Because of continued responsible financial management, Dayton has an AA S&P rating and was ranked as the best performer of the Big 8 cities in Ohio by the State Auditor in 2016.

8. Accelerate Dayton – Started in 2017, Commissioner Williams has a leadership role in this program that aims to encourage and support sustainable business growth in the neighborhoods.

9. Infrastructure Development – The City has an aggressive plan in place to re-pave all of Dayton’s streets in the next 8 years.

10. 2017 & Beyond – Graduation of two police classes in 2017; awarding of $100,000 in Neighborhood Mini-Grants in 2017; planned construction of over 670 residential units; and a “right track” poll number of 50% for the City (18 points higher than the national average).

Term 3 (2010 - 2013)

1. Citizens Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence (CIRGV) – Since becoming the lead City Commissioner involved in CIRGV, gun related crime has steadily dropped.

2. Citizens Police Council (CPC) – Started in 2010 by Commissioner Williams, the CPC has improved outreach between the police and community to foster stronger relationships.

3. Dayton Hire – Since its creation in 2013, Dayton Hire has assisted Dayton job seekers find employment opportunities across the region. It was particularly helpful in connecting Dayton residents with manufacturing facilities, such as Fuyao.

4. Premium Customer Service – During this time, the City started an initiative to provide the best customer service possible to residents

5. Job Market – In the last 6 years, the City has retained and attracted over 6000 jobs.

6. Housing – Since 2011, downtown has increased its housing stock by nearly 600 units.

Term 2 (2006-2009)

1. Recreation Centers – Commissioner Williams championed the construction of the Greater Dayton Recreation Center and renovation of Lohrey and Northwest Recreation Centers.

2. Youth Programming – During this time, Commissioner Williams was a strong voice at City Hall for increasing youth programming.

3. Neighborhood Mini- Grants – Since 2008, the City has awarded approximately $445,000 in mini-grants for neighborhood projects.

4. Decreasing Blight – Utilizing local, state and federal dollars, the City began the process of demolishing over 3000 abandoned residential and commercial buildings.

5. Infrastructure Development – During this time, the City started a major infrastructure overhaul program under which 9 bridges were built and 2 more are currently under construction.

6. A+ Bond Rating – The S&P increased Dayton’s general obligation bond rating in 2009, citing the City’s “strong” financial management policies, moderate debt burden and diversifying economy. The rating was also based on Dayton’s employment outlook and planned redevelopment projects.

Term 1 (2002 - 2005)

1. Finance Review Committee – Initiated by Commissioner Williams in 2002, the finance review committee meets monthly and has contributed to Dayton’s economic growth, improved bond ratings and excellent State Auditor report.

2. Innovation – Commissioner Williams championed initiatives to bridge digital divide.

3. Saving Lives in 2005 – Commissioners Williams and Lovelace partnered to create this campaign targeting crime reduction.

4. Tech Town – Commissioner Williams helped launch the initiative to convert Tool Town to Tech Town, helping spur much of the economic growth along the Great Miami River.